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Help the police and local authorities keep an eye on the moors. Keeping a look out for anti-social behaviour such as fly-tipping or illegal off-roading can really help. This website has been developed by Pennine Prospects so that the public can report incidents on the moors easily. With just a few clicks, you can record where you have seen something, upload a photograph and any additional details for the police and local authorities to check.

However, the MoorWatch website is not intended to be interactive and sometimes it may appear that nothing is being done about your report. This is far from the case! All reports are read and sent to the appropriate authorities. In some cases they will be acted upon straight away in others they may become part of ongoing intelligence gathering and may well become a basis for future police crime targeting.


If you want to contact the Police or Fire Service in an emergency dial 999. 

To report a crime ring 101 (15p per call).

More infomation about this new Police service can be found here 


Local Neighbourhood Police websites:




Watch out for Wildfires!

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Report Wildfires to the Fire Service on 999!