Who are we and what do we do?

With its distinctive landscape, the South Pennines stand unique among Britain’s uplands, a cultural landscape sitting between the major city regions of Leeds and Manchester to the east and west and the national parks Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District to the north and south. Seven million people live within one hour’s drive of the South Pennines which offer huge opportunities for enjoyment and appreciation of the internationally important heritage, culture and healthy living.

Peninne Prospects was formed in 2005. We exist to raise the profile and develop a positive image for the Southern Pennines through a dynamic, innovative and forward thinking approach based on a strong ethos of partnership working, and focused on delivering achievements to support sub-regional strategies as they are developed. MoorWatch is one of these initiatives.

What are the issues?

The uplands are vunerable in many ways. A few examples are wildfire, illegal off-roading, disturbance to wildlife, fly-tipping, erosion, pollution. You can help defend the South Pennine uplands against these threats by using this website. If you see anything happening that you are concerned about, for example fly-tipping or suspicious behaviour, please make a report. The information you provide could well become part of an on-going investigation and eventual 'sting' operation. Your information may lead to arrests! It will also deter illegal activity simply by the fact that criminals will know the moors are being watched.