Incident reports listed by date

IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
141Read01.06.201118.03.201119:16WildfireWalsden Moor, access via Birks Lane, Todmorden
140Read01.06.201106.03.201118:58WildfireOn hilside 100 yards north of Long Lees Lock, Warland Gate, Walsden, Todmorden
139Read01.06.201129.01.201119:56WildfireIncident on land above Mixenden Lane Illingworth Halifax
138Read31.05.2011-19.15Off-roadingThree Landrovers off road at Flints, Soyland
137Read30.05.2011-mid afteOff-roading5 bikes came up Ramsden Wood Road and through the farm gate onto Ramsden Hill. They were riding about all over the hill. although we attempted to speak to get to them and speak to them they drove off up the side of the hill. Due to the sun we were not able to get a clear description of the bikes.
136Read25.05.2011-12:00ArchaeologyPerson cleaning stream after fire looking for flints on Marsden Moor.
134Read21.05.20110000-00-0014:39Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesYet again half past two, Saturday afternoon, same every week - off road bikes churning up the moor at the Hameldon quarry - 3 together, a fourth in following on a bit behind
133Read14.05.20110000-00-0014:09Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesRegular as clockwork, 3 off road bikes Saturday afternoon, across the old quarry at the top of Hameldon Rd, went over the back towards Hameldon Hill.
132Read07.05.201107.05.201114:45Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesTwo off road bikes churning up the moor. These ones are here regular as clockwork, Saturdays between 2 and 3pm.
131Read07.05.201107.05.201114:02Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesSingle off road bike across the front of the quarry at the top of Hameldon road, rode right by the peregrines nest
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