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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
130Read03.05.201103.05.201119.03 hrDriving on a Bridleway & FootpathDiscovery driven along Bridleway & Footpath- same route as yesterday.
129Read03.05.201103.05.201113:40driving on bridle wayreport of van drving on bridle way
128Read03.05.201102.05.201108.35 amDriving on a Bridleway & FootpathSilver/grey Discovery driving like a bat out of hell along Kilnshaw Lane & Whitaker Lane (Bridleways). I later followed his tyre tracks in the dust, he had driven over Erringden Mooor along a Public Footpath.
127Read29.04.20110000-00-0014:25Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesTwo motorbikes coming down from Hameldon Hill down Hameldon Road. Saw these two last week and spoke to them, they clearly don't mind breaking the law. One in orange leathers, the other in grey. With number plates angled horizontally so unreadable.
126Read28.04.201112.04.201119:00WildfireWildfire on Ilkley Moor attended by WYFRS and Countryside Service. Suspected campers and barbecue.
125Read28.04.2011-@16:00WildfireFire at Gilstead Moor Edge near Bingley - Yorkshire Water owned site. Local youths suspected. Dealt with by WYFRS
124Read28.04.20110000-00-0012.00Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesOff road bikes on Hameldon
123Read26.04.2011-13:00Wildlife - generalmore dead hens
122Read26.04.201109.03.201112:00poisoning3 more dead hens found same day just beyond the old Buckstones puib on the A640
121Read24.04.20110000-00-002.30pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikesFive off road bikes drove through Hameldon quarries.
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