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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
120Read24.04.2011-1pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikesTwo off road motorbikes scrambling on Great Hameldon Hill and drove back over Hameldon Common
119Read24.04.20110000-00-0010.30amOff-road motorbikes or quadbikes2 motorbikes came from Hameldon Road and drove over the top of Hameldon Hill
118Read23.04.2011-2150 hrsOff-roadingSeries 2 Land Rover swb pickup having 4 lamps mounted over windscreen and lit seen coming off the moor at Little Moor, Wadsworth, Hebden Bridge. It had been driving on the moor.
117Read22.04.20110000-00-0012.30pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikesTwo off road bikes coming from Hameldon Common onto Great Hameldon, drove through the quarries through vandalised fencing onto Rakes Head Quarry.
116Read20.04.2011-2.30pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikesSingle off-road bike scrambling between quarries on Gt Hameldon Hill and Hameldon Moor.
115Read20.04.2011-7.30pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikesTwo Off road bikers scrambling below peregrine falcons' nest. Bikers challenged by farmer but they drove off over the top of Great Hameldon Hill.
114Read20.04.2011-6.20 pmOff-road motorbikes or quadbikes2 off road bikes riding up from Syke and meeting up with 4 other bikes on the top of brown wardle at 6.20pm
113Read17.04.2011-1030hrsOff-road motorbikes or quadbikes2 off road motorcycles on Bridlepath off Gorple Road, Worsthorne, leading over to Swinden Reservoir. Access gained via Gorple Road.
112Read17.04.2011-mid afteOff-roadingOff road activity in one four wheel drive pick up vehicle taking place on moorland near old Mount Skip pub Old Town
110Read11.04.201111.04.201117.00Off-road motorbikes or quadbikes5 quad bikes riding across Rishworth Moor onto road at Ice Cream Van lay bye, 1 Adult, 4 youngsters.
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