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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
311Unread09.11.201409.11.201411.oo amFly tippingScammonden,on the B6114, 1/2 a mile above what was the Brown Cow, there is a fridge,dumped in a layby , on the L/H side, plus two more further up on the R/H side.
310Unread26.10.201426.10.201415:00Off-roadingOff roaders, quads and crossers on Flappits quarry again.
309Unread12.10.201405.10.201414.55Off-roading3 quad bikers at Top Withins near Stanbury
308Unread11.10.201411.10.2014Off-roadingOff Roaders Scout Moor
307Unread05.10.201405.10.20142.50pmOff-roadingTwo off road bikers on Brown Wardle at 2.50pm
306Unread08.07.201408.07.2014EnvironmentOff roading access to Nab Hill Quarry and removal of stone without consent
305Unread08.07.201415.04.2014Off roading access and stone removal from SSSIOff roading access to Nab Hill Quarry and removal of stone without consent
304Unread06.07.201406.07.2014all daysOff-roadingAt the sake of sounding like a broken record but for the last three weekends continued use of flappit quarry by off roaders, cars and vans parked along the A629 etc etc and no apparent action taken by anyone.
303Unread03.07.201402.07.201411:45amDead SheepTaking the path from Green Withens Resovior up to the footbridge to cross the M62 motorway, which is located at Junction 22. I noticed a dead ewe at the bottom of the hill. I did not know who to report it to so I am placing a notice on here.
302Unread08.06.201408.06.2014all dayOff-roadingContinuing use of Flappit Quarry by a mixxxture of crossers, quadss and 4x4's. Usual white vans parked along the A629 blocking the main road. Riders with no helmets pulling wheelies etc. Normal situation when there has been a crackdown on riders in Bradford, they migrate to Flappits and cause chaos. Also riding on the bridleways around the Flappits disturbing walkers and nesting birds.
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