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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
72Read14.02.2011-Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesI saw four vehicles on the old quarries between old towwn and Mount skip. s the signs had been vandalised for a second time I went to the police station in Hebden Bridge, but the person who answered the door said they didn't have any vehicles
71Read03.02.201103.02.2011Fly tippingFly tipping in layby on the Lancashire/Calderdale border on the Long Causeway.
70Read30.01.201130.01.2011Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesOff road vehicles on Hallas rough quarry and general area
68Read25.01.201123.01.2011ArchaeologyDamage to Scheduled Monument and severe risk to others. Damage to non-Sheduled feature.
67Read22.01.201101.01.2011Sign removedSign removed from the bottom of Wood Top Road, Hebden Bridge
66Read21.01.201121.01.2011Driving & parking on Public Bridleway11.30 am- VW mini bus drove on Kilnshaw Lane & parked up.Occupants went for a walk.
65Read11.01.201109.01.2011Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesOff road motorcycles again at Hallas Rough.Warning signs removed along A629
64Read11.01.201111.01.2011Off-road motorbikes or quadbikesMetallic grey transit van unloading kids quad bike from side door on the van.Had driven past the warning sign & parked at the junction of Kilnshaw Lane & Broad Lane.
63Read10.01.201106.01.2011Off-roadingOff roading at Mount Skip Quarry, Hebden Bridge. Vandalised Moorwatch signs.
62Read08.01.201108.01.2011Off-roadingDark silver Discovery driven over Erringden Moor, down Whittaker Lane & along Kilnshaw Lane ( these are Bridleways).Going like a bat out of hell at 14.30. Vehicle came back at 14.50 along Kilnshaw ,up Whittaker & onto Erringden Moor.
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