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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
301Unread20.04.2014-18:00Off-roading4-5 off-road quad bikes and trial bike Glovershaw Quarry & moor; no plates or helmets
300Unread14.04.201413.04.2014Wildlife - generalLocal resident reported lads in mid 20's shooting birds and setting fires on Harden Moor.
299Unread13.04.201413.04.201413.15Off-roadingUsual off roaders on the Flappits site including 2 4x4's and the usual kids. However there were transit style vans parked on both side of the road across the double yellow lines right on the bad corner narrowing the road. One Guy on a crosser passed me doing a wheelie down the main road, no helmet, no plates on the bike. Appalling that this continues
298Unread11.04.201410.04.2014Fly tippingCream sofa dumped on the side of the Holden Lane near the phone mast between Silsden and West Morton.
297Unread19.03.201419.03.201415.30Off-roadingTwo off road riders on Brown Wardle at 15.30
296Unread08.03.201408.03.201416:00Off-roadingUsual situation at Flappits - crawling with bikes and quads, cars/vans parked on the bad corner on A629, kids riding without helmets. Does anyone actually read these reports or is it just convenient they are here rather than in Bradford.
295Unread02.03.201402.03.20149.00Off-roadingOver the last few weeks two young lads without helmets have been seen riding off road motor bikes in the Upper Greetland/ Norland area.Nil
294Unread17.02.201416.02.201414.00Off-roadingLone motor bike Rider traveling south along along the west side of Brown Wardle around 2pm
293Unread16.02.201416.02.201415:00Off-roadingFlappits Quarry continues being used by any number of off roaders and spilling over on to nearby bridleways. There was a bunch of 3 young lads on Xrossers riding off the site and on the main road to Denholme one without a helmet. Cars and vans parking into the road on the A629 right on the bad corner and causing an obstruction.
292Unread10.02.201410.02.2014Wildlife - generaltest
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