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IDStatusReported dateIncident dateIncident timeIncident TypeDescription
259Unread05.05.201305.05.20133.20pmWildfireSoyland/ Gt Manshead. Noticed a film crew at work beside the B6138 where the fire started 30 mins later.
258Unread29.04.201326.02.2013Fly tippingCannabis farmers dumping of old plants & compost
257Unread15.04.201315.04.20133.00pmOff-roadingVery recent motorbike tracks
256Unread01.03.201301.03.20131200Fly tippingFly tipped waste in corner of brunclough Reservoir car park.
255Unread02.07.201228.07.2011Off-roadingLandrover discovery stuck and abandoned
254Unread02.07.201226.07.20118pmOff-roadingOff roading 4x4 stuck on moor
253Unread25.06.201224.06.201212.00Off-roadingOff roaders on Hallas Roough Quarry and surrounding area this weekend and last
252Unread21.06.201221.06.20121500Fly tippinglitter strewn around car park by the road side near the transmitter
248Read18.06.201209.06.20121200Fly tippingFlytipped waste
247Read06.06.201205.06.201212.30Off-roadingcontinued use of Hallas Rough Quarry and surrounding bridleways by offroaders. Interesting photo in the Telegraph and Argus of a mother wanting to re open the site with a young kid riding an off roader in the background!!!
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